Can I track a SW flight live location?

Tracking the SW Flight status is possible with the help of flight number or route. This action could be taken with the help of a mobile application or official website portal of SW. The accuracy of the details matter here otherwise it would be difficult to get the status of the particular SW flight. It will show you an error if you have entered any incorrect information on the portal. Unlock more details and information here about tracking SW flight.

How to track SouthWest Flight location

Passengers must have the relevant and important information related to flight for revealing the location. There are also multiple online trackers for tracking the SW flight status.

You can access a flight status website or the “Flight Status” part of the Southwest Airlines website if you know the flight number. To see the status of your flight, enter your flight number and choose Southwest Airlines as your carrier.¬†

Before leaving for the airport, it’s crucial to find out the status of your Southwest Airlines flight so that you can plan ahead for any modifications or delays and save needless waiting. This is particularly important in bad weather and during the busiest travel seasons.

Flight Information & Tracking The best way to get the details of the SW flight is to check it using the Airport Display, SW mobile application and It is also possible to follow flights in real time by GPS, radar, and satellite communication.

To find out the current arrival, departure, or delay status of any flight, as well as a flight tracker on a map, check the flight status.

Find the “Flight Status” section on the website if you know the flight number.
In the “Flight #” field, type your flight number. For instance, enter flight number in the field if your flight number is flight number, for example.

Check Southwest Flight Status

Make sure the airline field has “Southwest Airlines” selected.
To see the current status of your flight, click the “Track” option.
If you know the valuable info of airports of departure and arrival but not the flight number:
Navigate to the “Flight Status” for selecting route options.
Now fill the airport codes or details in the given field.

Put the information of the Airport here in the appropriate fields.

Track SW Status using airport details

If all you know is the airport, choose “By Airport” under “Flight Status”.
Choose the right options and fill the “Departures” or “Arrivals”.
When you press the Track option the chosen airport will display a list of all Southwest Airlines flights, along with their current status.


You can check the status of your Southwest Airlines flight using a few different ways. Using flight status websites is one way to obtain real-time updates; simply enter your flight number or the airports of departure and arrival. You may also check the status of your flight while on the move by using the Southwest Airlines mobile app. Additionally, flight information is available via Flight Information Display Systems (FIDs), which are dispersed throughout airport terminals

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