How To Launch G7 Taxi App Clone In Paris

Traveling via taxi apps like G7 Taxi Clone in Paris has been the common norm in this highly tech-driven lifestyle. In essence, the taxi business is thriving in Paris now more than ever. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide whether to go with custom app development or not. In this blog, you will find the options explained in detail to help you decide which route to opt for effectively.


Booking rides through the top taxi apps like G7, Taxi Bleu, or Uber in Paris has made on-demand services a highly competitive market. Today, a wide range of apps showcase the vibrant landscape of commuters depending on these reliable and cost-effective methods.

To find the best one out of the many, factors like driver availability, a transparent payment system, and quick, communicative channels have laid down the basic pillars of success. But which development method is best in this saturated market to find the right business model for your app startup? Let’s understand in detail.

What is G7?

G7 is one of the most established and popular licensed taxi fleets in Paris. They manage around 10,000 taxis operating in Paris, from standard 4-seat taxis to larger vans capable of airport transfers. Moreover, G7 taxis can be booked immediately or scheduled in advance via their mobile application. With the help of GPS, the app pinpoints the location without needing to type an address.

Other helpful app features include estimated pricing, real-time tracking, saving favorite addresses, and much more. Moreover, the app also allows in-app payment and tipping, which is different from traditional cash payments. Moreover, by working with its affiliated independent drivers, G7 improves mobility for everyone by offering the following services:

  •       Connect for quick ride-hailing,
  •       Express for hotels and stores,
  •       Green for hybrid and electric vehicles,
  •       Van for large passengers,
  •       VIP for luxury sedans,
  •       Access for people with disabilities with ramps, and
  •       Family for cars fitted with a baby seat

The business model of G7 offers a subscription plan for its drivers; in its clone counterpart, you can make money from advertisements as well. G7 Taxi App Clone is a pre-built ride-sharing clone app script. Apart from offering similar features, the clone app is designed in such a way that it can be rebranded for a quick launch.

G7 Taxi App Clone Development

The city of Paris has deep roots embedded in taxicabs, which existed way before the online apps took over the traditional approach. With smartphones managing to scour every bit of information in plain language, starting a taxi business demands research and analysis.

Furthermore, when it comes to apps, the idea still remains to offer taxis to demanding customers at any time of day. However, few changes so far have questioned the approach of modern-day entrepreneurs. For instance, you cannot compete with ride-hailing giants by investing in cars and, thereby, drivers to get the job done. Instead, you need a point of contact to bridge the ride request with nearby drivers in a streamlined manner.

Hence, it’s best to start with G7 Taxi App Clone Development. It is the best approach to rebranding clones as per your business requirements. There is no need to start a massive hunt for the right developers to take your project to the best of their abilities. Overall, time is a precious resource and can’t be bought back, so you need to launch as soon as possible.

Why are Clones Better than Custom Apps?

Over the past few years, mobile applications, with their interactive and engaging UI/UX, have successfully made a massive impact on the taxi industry. Here, the concept of clones took a greater turn of value among entrepreneurial circles. Their innate ability to become a credible source of convenience in app development started a wave of clone apps with 100% licensed source codes.

As a result, clones became the perfect replacement for custom apps because they allowed the business owner to skip the design and development phases entirely. That’s what made them better. Similarly, budding entrepreneurs now had an advantage of choice as many mobile app development companies had started making clones out of successful taxi apps. One such clone that you will learn about in great detail is the G7 Taxi App Clone.

Script of G7 Taxi Clone

In the mobile app development world, a script is a program or a series of instructions made by a developer to shape a mobile application. It contains all the features and functionalities that are important for a new business to launch in a city like Paris. The better the script is, the quicker the success will be, as it will be able to operate smoothly under a heavy load of new registrations.

Moreover, the knowledge of many technical app development jargon helps create the blueprint for the project. Being an entrepreneur, you must have a vision of having a platform capable of managing all the data coming from your rider or passenger app and the driver app.

Furthermore, the best or most professional clone app development companies ensure that the entrepreneur gets all of these from one place. That means you must look for a script for G7 Taxi Clone from a place that offers clones and white-labeling.

Testing Available Demos

Before you finalize anything, create a list of all the places offering the G7 Taxi App Clone. Factors like having the currency in euros, a British English language, and the integration of local payment gateways are essential. See which white-label firms are willing to customize the app as per your requirements.

Next, ensure that you test the clone app via a demo available in the Google and Apple Play Stores. These demos should be natively developed and must have a great understanding of the user experience from booking to payment. Overall, everything will be pre-built: the script, source code, and sub-platforms, along with their features.

Why Invest in the G7 Taxi App Clone?

From both a market and finance perspective, creating an app following an already well-established business model is a risky venture. You are essentially developing and spending months of time designing a platform that has already been made. Business owners are liable to receive and implement feedback at the earliest stages of their careers.

That’s why investing in a Taxi Booking App in Paris yields far better outcomes. From user and driver apps to getting the right admin panel and re-branding them in just 1-2 weeks, it will be the only hard work you need to start your business early. Once it’s all cleared, you can focus more on the marketing campaigns with better clarity.


In France and other European countries, taxicabs are no longer difficult to find for a ride. To stay in business, entrepreneurs had to seek out new opportunities. The G7 Taxi App Clone has become the answer to all their issues. All you have to do is test the best Taxi Booking App in Paris and finalize the one that is best amongst your reviews. This process is absolutely free but holds profound importance for your business’s success.