Invisalign: Costs, Promotions, Alternatives and How It Compares to Braces

Invisalign has transformed thousands of smiles in the UK thanks to its innovative clear aligner technology. But how much does the popular Invisalign system cost – and what payment plans or offers may be available to offset the price? With treatment ranging from £2000 to £5000, it’s key to weigh the value versus alternatives like braces or BYTE before beginning your teeth straightening journey.

Breaking Down The Cost of Invisalign Treatment

As an industry guideline for patients, the total cost of Invisalign in the UK often lies between £3000 to £4000 based on standard 12 to 18-month treatment lengths. However, in more complex cases involving detailed dental movements, costs can exceed £5000 depending on your specific orthodontic needs. Generally less complicated alignments with minor crowding or spacing issues tend to start under £2000. Beyond the number of custom-fit aligners needed, factors impacting your total Invisalign London investment include:

  • Difficulty level of your realignment case
  • How many months does your personalized treatment duration last
  • If veneers, attachments, or elastics are required
  • Which dental practice provides the treatment
  • Any replacement aligners needed if lost or damaged

When calculating the cost over the full Invisalign treatment, most patients invest around £150 to £250 per month. This becomes more affordable than paying 100% upfront through monthly payment plan options many clinics provide interest-free.

Potential Promotions, Discounts, and Offers for Invisalign Treatment

Certain dental providers offer periodic discounts and rebates that reduce initial Invisalign costs or make treatment more budget-friendly through installments. Be sure to ask your orthodontist about any current promotions when requesting an Invisalign quote. Right now, examples of deals available include:

  • £500 off treatment packages paid monthly rather than a single payment
  • Referral rewards programs give you statement credits
  • Student discounts up to 20% off treatment costs
  • Special spring sales like 15% reduced rates

Additionally, some dental insurance plans like BUPA or Dencover provide coverage amounts towards Invisalign costs when deemed medically necessary. Just know wait periods, annual maximums, and age limits apply from most providers, so check policy specifics in advance if exploring this route.

Invisalign Payment Plans Break Down Cost Over Time

For those unable to pay 100% of Invisalign treatment upfront, spreading payments across 6 to 24 months makes teeth alignment more accessible. Leading dental finance companies like Klarna, ClearPay, and CareCredit offer convenient monthly plans for Invisalign with little to no interest when repaid on schedule.

Specific examples include:
  • Klarna Invisalign Loans allow spreading the total cost over 24 interest-free monthly installments
  • Smile Ways Invisalign 10 option lets patients pay £259 per month over 10 months
  • ClearPay gives the choice of 3 smaller repayments every 2 weeks with 0% interest

Just ensure to carefully read all policy paperwork and terms from lenders before moving forward so you understand repayment deadlines and any charges incurred with late payments. Weigh paying outright versus taking a loan to determine what truly fits your financial situation best.

How Does Invisalign Compare to Traditional Braces?

Probably the most common question patients have is whether Invisalign offers the same results compared to old fashion metal braces – and is the additional cost justified? Below we break down the key pros and cons of both solutions.

Invisalign Benefits Over Braces
  • Clear plastic trays less visible
  • Removable for eating/drinking
  • Average shorter treatment times
  • No cuts from metal wires
  • Utilizes latest 3D scanning technology
  • Allows you to preview final results
Braces Pros Over Invisalign
  • Tend to correct more complex cases
  • Requires less motivation/discipline
  • Smaller risk of losing aligners
  • Averages £1000 to £1500 less in total costs for patients

So while braces do offer cost savings in most typical treatment plans, Invisalign provides many lifestyle conveniences braces lack. The choice ultimately comes down to your budget, level of needed dental correction, and if you are committed to wearing the aligners 20+ hours a day.

Invisalign Alternatives Like Byte Offer More Affordable Options

Beyond braces and Invisalign, companies like Byte offer a third option for minor to moderate alignment needs at just £80 per month. As a more budget way to straighten front teeth, they provide custom fitted aligner trays delivered directly to your door based on at-home teeth scans. However, Byte doesn’t offer the precise 3D mapping technology or personal orthodontist oversight throughout treatment that Invisalign does. So weigh if the lower price makes up for reduced accuracy and doctor involvement before moving forward.

Does Invisalign Treatment Make Financial Sense Long-Term?

A final consideration on cost is that while Invisalign requires greater upfront investment, properly aligned teeth saves money over a lifetime by avoiding costly dental work down the road like implants or veneers. Issues like misalignments, bite issues, crowding and gaps get exponentially more expensive to treat the longer you delay straightening.

In the end only an experienced orthodontist can evaluate your unique smile objectives and price both Invisalign and braces specifically for your situation. Be sure to have an open conversation about invisalign London cost during initial examinations. Contact Chatfield Dental Braces, Invisalign in London today!