What Is a Dental Emergency and Where To Go for treatment

Dental trauma, extreme toothaches, and other mouth injuries often strike at inconvenient times when your regular dentist is unavailable. Knowing what constitutes an actual emergency versus a worrisome but non-life threatening dental concern will guide wise decisions when distress hits. Arm yourself with this dental emergency knowledge overview from London’s trusted urgent care professionals at SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic.

Defining a True Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies cause severe pain and require immediate treatment to resolve bleeding, halt ongoing damage, or control rapidly spreading infections threatening whole body health. Specific examples include:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding from extractions, surgery or mouth trauma
  • Facial swelling signaling abscess spread
  • Agonizing toothaches preventing sleep or required nourishment
  • Knocked out, broken or cracked teeth with exposed nerves

Non-Urgent Concerns Can Wait for Regular Office Hours

Alternatively, conditions like loose dental work, broken orthodontic wires, loose temporaries, or lost fillings cause understandable alarm but little actual harm beyond aesthetics if temporarily left as-is. While still needing professional repair, these issues generally pose no threats warranting after hours or emergency weekend response beyond home care relief until regular appointments become available.

Knowing Appropriate Places To Seek Urgent Dental Care Several options exist for accessing emergency dental treatment:

  1. Your Regular Dentist Office Many local dental practices offer abbreviated weekend and on-call hour appointments for established patients needing urgent care when their primary dentist is more readily available to access past dental records while providing continuity of care.
  2. Urgent Dental Care Centers Dedicated to urgent treatment only, these walk-in centers offer first-come-first-serve access, often with late evening and specific weekend hours. However, without an existing patient relationship, providers only temporarily manage emergent issues versus long term care planning.
  3. Hospital Emergency Rooms Emergency room physicians focus on whole-body traumatic injuries first. Dental concerns assume lower priority while awaiting specialist consults, often culminating in pain meds and antibiotics alone. Few hospitals house dentists beyond consultant advisers for ER doctors lacking clear dental expertise.
Compare Emergency Dental Options in Advance

Do some research during normal times on after-hours dental clinics accepting NHS coverage or private payment plans for future reference should an actual urgent issue arise unexpectedly. Knowing where different practices stand on emergency policy coverage, appointment types accepted, and insurance networked ahead of time brings peace of mind.

Why SW19 Confidental Dental Leads as London’s Emergency Care Specialists

Here at SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic, emergency dental care has remained an accessible community priority for over 32 years in Wimbledon Village adjacent the city limits. As an established emergency NHS dentist London relies upon, we accept walk-ins and appointments 24/7/365, supported by an on-call staff rotation to ensure prompt treatment day or night from the dentists best familiar with your history and specific needs.

We Handle Both NHS and Private Referrals

SW19 Confidental proudly accepts emergency NHS dental coverage and insurance assignments along with private pay options, offering transparent pricing menus clearly detailing various urgent treatment costs. We avoid inflated emergency billing tactics, instead focusing on prompt care over profits. Patients needing financial assistance pay according to subsidized NHS emergency dental rates when applicable.

Take Comfort Knowing Where To Turn When Dental Disaster

Strikes Arm yourself with urgent care readiness before dental emergencies occur. Store SW19 Confidental’s emergency contact details conspicuously by home phones, exits and car consoles to reference when distress hits. Whether a late night toothache, knocked out veneer, or any trauma requiring immediate attention, request priority assistance from London’s foremost emergency dental clinic specialists in London standing ready to help anytime you contact us.

Pack a Mobile Dental Emergency Kit

We recommend patients create small travel bags with temporary filling material, fix-a-crown cement, small pliers, dental wax, gauze, Orajel, Anbesol, clove oil, handheld dental mirror, super glue, and our SW19 Emergency Dentist contact card. These items provide interim pain relief or lost crown/bridge/inlay stabilization when prompt in-office care cannot be immediately arranged. SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic offer free emergency containers upon request since 2009 with the help of Wimbledon dentist.